Style JA423 (With Overskirt)

Dress Sizes


Available in

With Train: Black, White, Natural, Ivory, Nude, Toffee, Beige, Gold, Earth, Dk. Beige, Peach, Blush, Lt. Silver, Silver, Dk. Silver, Lt. Titanium, Titanium, Charcoal, Blossom, Coral Cloud, Lt. Coral, Dk. Copper, Rose Dawn, Toasted Nut, Adobe, Texas Orange, Copper, Rosy Cheeks, Champagne, Brown, Lt. Yellow, Yellow, Dk. Gold, Lt. Gold, N. Yellow, Orange, N. Orange, Br. Orange, Dk. Orange, Perry, Red, Dk. Red, Beet Red, Cardinal, Lt. Pink, Bubblegum, Salmon, Coral, Med. Pink, N. Pink, Cerise, Lipstick, Fuchsia, Dk. N. Pink, Dk. Fuchsia, Lt. Purple, Lilac, Orchid, Magenta, Lt. Mint, Mint, Lichen, Lt. Green, Kiwi, Celery, Mustard, Antique, Olive, Hunter, N. Lime, Br. Green, Serpent, Kelly, Seafoam, Aquarella, Sky Blue, Lt. Blue, Cold Blue, Copen, Aqua, Turquoise, Med Blue, Jade, Dk. Turquoise, Teal, Classic Blue, Dk. Royal, Br. Royal, Royal, Lt. Navy, Cobolt, Navy, Lt. Lavender, Lilac 2, Purple B, Purple, Br. Purple, Plum, Violet, Eggplant, Burgundy, Lavender Mist, Orchid Smoke, Ash Rose, Mauve, Sangria

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